The Great Grog Bake Off 2: Bread

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The Great Grog Bake Off 2: Bread
Wed, May 22 Show: 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Based on The Great British Bake Off, the ultimate baking battle where passionate amateur bakers compete over the course of 10 episodes, the Grog Shop will host a one-night competition and delicious bake-tasting event inspired by the classic Channel 4 program. 

As an audience member, you'll be sharing in the spoils of the competition by sampling the competing bakes and voting on them live. Your entry fee will go to the winning baker as part of the grand prize pot! Our hosts and judges will entertain you and the contestants with their goofy antics and critiques.

For their "Signature Bake" contestants will make a loaf of bread, cut into 24 identical slices that showcases their personality, creative flair, baking abilities and of course, exciting and bold flavors. It can be any type of bread, leavened or not, sweet or savory. We ask that you serve it with a spreadable side such as n herbed butter, jam, compote, or dip. As expected, your bake AND it's side must be made from scratch (nothing store-bought). Make sure to check your proof, we don't want any stodgy loaves in the tent.

You have only one chance to impress the judges and take home the crown and our grand prize- the door money! But wait, you'll also have the opportunity to win over the audience, who will also be voting for their favorites. So stack that invite list for your chance to win the Popular Vote!

MATT FISH, owner of Melt Bar & Grilled 
BRIAN EVANS, Executive chef and partner at On The Rise Artisan Bread

Bess Messerman and Raffaele Di Lallo are the hosts of the Two Peas in a Kitchen podcast, where they share tips and tricks to create easy, elegant eats. You can find their recipes online at or follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, and Youtube. 

Tickets on sale now! $7 when you buy online, $10 at the door! 

Two Peas in a Kitchen
We are two great friends who met a decade ago and instantly bonded over our love of cooking. We launched Two Peas in a Kitchen to share this passion with others. Our goal is help you create easy, elegant eats.
Matt Fish

Don’t try to define Matt Fish as a restauranteur. Or a grilled cheese mogul. Matt is, and always will be, a musician first.

His connection to music is significant because it guides his vision and permeates every aspect of Melt Bar and Grilled. Matt sees Melt as a rock band and wants every visit to feel like attending a concert – the anticipation, the excitement, and the memories; and every menu item to be like a song – unique, meaningful, and special in its own way.

Brian Evans
Brian Evans has been the head baker and partner of On The Rise Artisan Bread, a moniker that implies movement and change, since 2001. The popular Cedar Fairmount bakery embodies the ideals of evolution and progress. “With bread, there’s nowhere to hide imperfections,” says partner and executive chef Brian Evans. With a new location now in the Van Aken Market Hall, On the Rise continues to further its legacy as one of the best Cleveland bakeries on the east side.