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If you’re looking to play at the Grog Shop, please use our booking form here

More often that not, unsolicited press packets end up in a dusty corner never to be heard from again. It’s unfortunate, but true. We do not have an in-office CD player.

In order for us to make the best decision possible and for all of our staff to be on the same page, we do not do talent buying or booking over the phone. If you call our phone number, you will reach the box office, not someone who can book your band. Please refer to the email addresses below if you would like to reach someone directly.

E-mail for booking inquiries and promotional materials can be sent to:
Kathy Blackman
Wallace Settles
John Neely
Marketing: Rachel Hunt

Snail Mail & Posters Can Be Sent To:

2785 Euclid Heights Blvd.
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106


Please deliver between 12 – 5 p.m.

Tech Info

Sound, production, audio/video recording inquiries stage can be directed to:
Simon Palombi

Download Stage Plot

Download Tech Packet