Beast Killer - Dystopian Now/Dystopian Me album release

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Beast Killer - Dystopian Now/Dystopian Me album release
w/ The A-10's, Whatever
Sat, May 18 Show: 9:00 pm (Doors: 8:00 pm )
Beast Killer - Dystopian Now/Dystopian Me album release show with The A-10's and Whatever

Saturday, May 18
8p doors / 9p show
All Ages
$12 advance / $15 day of show

Cleveland punk!

Beast Killer
Two piece Rock and Roll from Cleveland, Ohio
The A-10's a punch in the face...a sexy punch in the face.

Back on the Streets: Cleveland's Punk Veterans Reignited and Ready

From the edge of Cleveland in 1991, childhood comrades Matt Fish and Ben Wrecked began a musical journey. Propelled by their shared passion for punk, rock, metal, and a touch of mischief, their journey was marked by bassist lineup changes, fervent local and regional gigs, and a series of independent releases that garnered a dedicated following. Their alliance with Dead Beat Records and Runt Records in their early years helped set the stage for what was to come.

By 1996, the ensemble found its rhythm with Mike Slapface joining on bass. Their signature blend of aggressive yet melodic tunes found a home at Dr. Strange Records. Releases like the full-length “Youngsters” / DSR #69 and collaborations with label mates, notably Zoinks!, solidified their place in the punk rock scene. The addition of Brett Moore on second guitar further enriched their sound, leading to extensive tours across the US and Europe alongside bands like The Bollweevils, Zoinks!, The Gain, and The Feds. However, as the 90s drew to a close, the band took a step back, marking the end of an era in 1998.

​Yet, 2023 brings a renaissance. The original comrades, joined again by guitar wizard Brett Moore and seasoned Cleveland musician Peter Woodward on bass, are rekindling their fiery spirit. With a new album slated for 2024 and plans to grace stages locally, regionally, and internationally, the band is poised for a triumphant return. As they gear up to reignite their iconic sound, fans old and new can expect a resurgence of their infectious passion and energy.

The next chapter awaits, and it promises to be electrifying.