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w/ Greet Death, Home is Where
Tue, Jul 19 Show: 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Tuesday, July 19th
Doors 7:00 pm / Show 8:00 pm
All Ages
$18 ADV / $20 DOS
+$2 at the door if under 21


Foxing has garnered a reputation as a band that goes big with their albums. With each release, the St. Louis-based group has appeared downright determined to top the expansiveness of their previous works. But with three sprawling and well-received records now under their belt, the band has seemingly left themselves little ground to uncover. So, on their new album, Draw Down the Moon, they set their sights on the largest subject possible: The universe.

“It’s about the idea of your cosmic significance,” explains frontman Conor Murphy. “The way you feel like a tiny speck in the grand scheme of the universe, that’s a feeling everybody has. You can get lost thinking about how small you are. But [Draw Down the Moon] subverts that a bit to explore how your connection to people and places and ideas is what binds you to the universe and reality.”

To tackle this literally limitless topic on Draw Down the Moon, a joint release between Hopeless Records and the band’s own Grand Paradise, Murphy took a song-by-song approach. With each of the album’s ten lush tracks, he expanded upon a different worldly theme, as viewed through the greater lens of the cosmic fabric to which we’re all bound. Age, financial ruin, sexuality, commitment, success, homes, luck, vulnerability, trust, and death are all mined for insights that together paint a galactic picture. “With each of them, the intention is to recognize that you are one small speck of the universe, but also that you’re surrounded by these other small specks, and your connectivity to them is what gives you purpose and meaning.”


Greet Death
Home is Where