Bounty Tank Live at the Grog Shop

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Bounty Tank Live at the Grog Shop
w/ Eddy Road Day Day, Reka, Preme, Boogey Shae, Harmony Pinkston
Tue, Jul 16 Show: 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Tuesday July 16,2024
Doors 7:00 PM / Show 8:00 PM 
All Ages
+3 at door if under 21 

Bounty Tank 

Bounty Tank, born December 5th, 1986, in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio, was raised by his mother, as a single parent while working a lot with double shifts and multiple jobs. His father wasn't in his life until he was 33 years old. Tank’s father, however, had a helping hand with the internet in reuniting with his son. Tank attended Hampton University and played as a linebacker for Hampton University football team. 
 His focus was to make an impact in the community in a positive way by showing the people in the community there is a certain way to treat defendants. While working in the bail bondsman/Bounty Hunter industry, he was stamped the name Bounty Tank for his stature and strength. Tank knew that being in this industry can be a dangerous job with life on the line. He believes life is short, so he took up a new career in music to touch on the issues he's encountered. 
 That's when Tank stepped into the world of music a little more while working as a bounty hunter. While being widely known for his real & raw content on Youtube by the way he captures his fugitives. He has used his platform to release his first theme song called "I'm outside", and his two hit singles “Street Nigga” & “The Win” along with other songs and collaborations.

Bounty Tank
Eddy Road Day Day
Boogey Shae
Harmony Pinkston