Low Phase, The Vumms, Solon, Tall Grass

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Low Phase, The Vumms, Solon, Tall Grass
w/ Low Phase, Solon, Tall Grass
Tue, Apr 9 Show: 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Tuesday, April 9
Doors 7 p.m | Show 8 p.m.
$10 adv | $12 dos
+ $3 at door if under 21

Low Phase with The Vumms, Solon, and Tall Grass LIVE at Grog Shop!

Low Phase
Formed in 2020, Low Phase are a 4-piece indie rock band from Grand Rapids, MI. Taking inspiration from the throes of growing older and the uncertainty of human relationships, frontman Caleb Waldvogel’s songwriting offers listeners a unique take on the indie rock style. For nearly a decade, Waldvogel’s talent for lyricism has allowed him to stand out in the local scene and beyond. Alongside him, Marley Ferguson’s haunting guitar lines and soprano backing vocals weave expertly throughout each song, commanding the attention of anyone who hears them. Backed by John Bomer on bass and Miles Ferguson on drums, Low Phase’s rhythm section is characterized by a deep pocket and an unassumingly complex cadence on which each song rests. The band released their debut single on June 26th, but are eyeing an EP for Fall 2023.
The Vumms
The Vumms are led by songwriting duo Emilio Marriott (rhythm guitar/vox) and Philippe Kogan (lead guitar/vox), along with Tom Middleton (drums). Inspired by acts such as The Velvet Underground and The Kinks, their sound is powered by a blend of genres leaning mainly towards indie pop and garage rock (or "garage pop", if you will), infused with the catchy and melodic songwriting sensibilities of the 1960's.
Solon is a 24-year-old female singer/songwriter and photographer in Cleveland, Ohio. Coloring her tracks with layered vocals and playful pop sounds, her freshman album "Strawberry Milk" is out and she is working on new projects.
Tall Grass
Emo band from Eastlake, Ohio.