Horse Lords / Ka Baird / Powers/Rolin Duo

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Horse Lords / Ka Baird / Powers/Rolin Duo
w/ Ka Baird, Powers/Rolin Duo
Thu, Mar 14 Show: 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Thursday, March 14
Doors 7pm / Show 8pm
$20 adv / $25 dos
All Ages
+$3 at door if under 21

Horse Lords

Horse Lords return with Comradely Objects, an alloy of erudite influences and
approaches given frenetic gravity in pursuit of a united musical and political vision.
The band’s fifth album doesn’t document a new utopia, so much as limn a thrilling
portrait of revolution underway.
Comradely Objects adheres to the essential instrumental sound documented on the
previous four albums and four mixtapes by the quartet of Andrew Bernstein
(saxophone, percussion, electronics), Max Eilbacher (bass, electronics), Owen
Gardner (guitar, electronics), and Sam Haberman (drums). But the album
refocuses that sound, pulling the disparate strands of the band’s restless musical
purview tightly around propulsive, rhythmic grids. Comradely Objects ripples,
drones, chugs, and soars with a new abandon and steely control.
This transformation came, in part, due to circumstance. Sidelined from touring their
early 2020 album The Common Task in a world turned upside down, Horse Lords
promptly returned to their Baltimore practice space and began piecing together the
music that became Comradely Objects (Bernstein, Eilbacher, and Gardner have
since relocated to Germany). Removed from their tried and true method of refining
new music on the road, the quartet invested less energy ensuring live playability
and more rehearsing and recording. The deliberate writing and tracking process, a
rarity since the band’s earliest days, led to a collection of pieces that signal a new
peak of creativity and musical heft without devolving into studio sprawl or frippery.
Comradely Objects reflects familiar elements of Horse Lords’ established
palette—the mantra-like repetition of minimalism and global traditional musics,
complex counterpoint, the subtleties of microtonality, a breadth of timbres and
textures drawn from all across the avant-garde—with some standout stylistic
innovations. At different moments, the album veers closer to free jazz than anything
else in the band’s catalog, channels spectral electroacoustic tones, and throbs with
unexpected yet felicitous synth. While these new elements are evidence of
additional studio time and care, Comradely Objects retains the dizzying obsessive
rhythmic energy that galvanizes the best moments of the band.

Ka Baird

Powers/Rolin Duo

Horse Lords
Ka Baird
Powers/Rolin Duo