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The Grievance Club w / Teamonade & Curtail
w/ Teamonade, Curtail
Sun, Jun 26 Show: 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Saturday June 26,2022
Doors at 7:00 PM / Show 8:00 PM 
$15 Adv / $17 DOS 
+2 at the door if under 21
All Ages \
The Grievance Club

"...Joymaykr isn’t all fast-paced hooks and high-minded aspirations; in between calls for worker solidarity and anthemic lines that already feel like a crowd is screaming them back at the band, The Grievance Club work in uniquely poppy takes on ship-capsizing mosh riffs in the climax of penultimate track “Sweepstakes,” dizzy-sick shoegaze influences on “Juniper,” reserved-yet-intricate twinkly guitar work on “Sealegs,” and even a memorably haunting exploration of “making misfortune divine” on acoustic interlude “Two Bells.” Joymaykr is the kind of eclectic, confident LP that, for most bands, would be two or three albums removed from their debut, but that’s the kind of shake-up that The Grievance Club was founded upon. As Mills states, ever since the band’s founding nearly a decade ago, “It’s been a constant process of recalibrating our perception of ourselves.” Joymaykr sees The Grievance Club squaring their self-image with their aspirations and making a record that can connect with people from all walks of life who identify with The Grievance Club’s efforts “in our personal lives and in our art to close the gap between who we are and who we aim to be.”

- written by Ellie Kovach
We are teamonade!!! We are a band inspired by the classic taste of a good ol half & half beverage

Ask the members of Curtail to describe their sound—which, as any band will tell you, is a tough task—and they'll go abstract ("If Sheryl Crow wrote songs for Archers of Loaf") and ambitious. "It's modernized '90s alternative," says bass guitarist Dan Corby. "It's hope in tough times. It sounds big like it can fill a stadium."

Although these sentiments might seem like hyperbole, there's an element of truth within all of them—as evidenced by the Akron, Ohio, band's well-crafted debut, All Your Luck (Skeletal Lightning, May 25). Recorded and produced by guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Ben Hendricks in his Akron home studio—and mixed and mastered by Tim Gerak (Six Parts Seven) in Denver at his Mammoth Cave Studios—the record contains plenty of '90s touchstones: distortion-ashed guitars, tightly wound hooks and intricate rhythms.

Built to Spill, mellower The Dismemberment Plan and early Promise Ring are certainly sonic touchstones. But what separates All Your Luck from other releases is Curtail's songwriting vision and commitment to digging beyond superficial '90s rock signifiers. Above all, All Your Luck exudes possibility—the sense that even if life might be challenging right now, something bigger and better might be just around the corner. -Annie Zaleski



The Grievance Club