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The Flatliners / Mercy Union / Gladie
w/ Mercury Union, Gladie
Thu, Jun 16 Show: 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Canada’s Flatliners play aggressive but melodic old-school, pre-hardcore punk rock and roll tracks, enlivened with the casual dubby bassline or inverted ska tempo. Evaluations to London Phoning, Sandinista!, early People, or the Ruts tend to be more apt than even more overtly reggae-influenced works like the Special offers or Madness. After developing the music group in Toronto, Ontario in 2002, vocalist and tempo guitarist Chris Cresswell, business lead guitarist Scott Brigham, bassist Jon Darbey, and drummer Paul Ramirez gigged across Canada’s D.We.Con. punk circuit for quite some time, contributing paths to different compilations before finally documenting their debut recording, Destroy to generate. Originally self-released, Destroy to generate was found for full UNITED STATES distribution by Stomp Information in nov 2005. Touring implemented the record’s discharge and in springtime 2007, the Flatliners announced their putting your signature on to Cali-based Body fat Wreck Chords for U.S. and world-wide (except Canada) produces. The label change marked a big change within the Flatliners’ sound, because they transformed even more distinctively pop-punk for 2007’s Great Awake and 2010’s Cavalcade. 2013’s Deceased Language noticed the music group honing their many years of collective playing for the stripped-down and intensely effective sound that gained them a Juno nomination in 2014. Because of their next discharge, 2015’s Department of Spoils, Body fat Wreck released a two-disc compilation from the Flatliners’ several 7″ singles, rarities, and addresses, culled from the prior ten years.

The Flatliners
Mercury Union